Huntsville Intermediate School

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Mrs. Hoke

Mrs. Lisa Hoke
 Dyslexia Teacher
Huntsville Intermediate School
936-435-6500 (ext. 3302)
I am so glad to have the opportunity to help your child this 2017-18 school year.
Supplies: pencil and earbuds/headphones
Class Goals: 
increase oral and silent reading rate (fluency)
expand knowledge of general academic and domain-specific vocabulary
increase comprehension in decoding accuracy
spell more multisyllabic grade-level words
Helpful websites: 


1. Incorporate visual elements in learning
2.Involve body movement in learning
3. Use an explicit, systematic approach to teaching reading to be sure that everything
is taught that needs to be
4. Read out loud in order to utilize the auditory pathway to the brain
5. Utilize visuals in books and prompt the child to visualize in his mind as he reads
6. Summarize and give the big picture first - then start with the details
7. Focus on teaching phonemic awareness and manipulation
8. Use a multi-sensory teaching approach to reading (used all at one time)