Huntsville Intermediate School

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End of Year Parent Letter

As the 2016-2017 school year closes, our hearts and minds process the speed and pace of its passing.   We’ve learned much and shared experiences that will long remain with us in the years to come. The strength and passion of our community to make our school a safe place of learning for our children primarily, but for all is what will make HIS a special place.

Special thanks to our parents and community members who have contributed in ways that make our school a safer and friendlier place to learn. Thanks for getting your kids in their seats by 7:45 each day and helping your kids with their learning process; the partnership between home and school is important.  HIS students have won the highest student attendance in the district once this year and I look forward to many more.  Success in school is a reflection of home and we greatly appreciate it.

Our hard working and caring staff members have made a huge difference in our students. Their commitment is outstanding and our students are the beneficiaries. This staff continues to be awarded the highest staff attendance in the district and I want to thank them for providing rich, engaging, and meaningful experiences for our kids.  They show all of us that education is an art to be enjoyed which fosters curiosity and promotes the development of social skills so needed to succeed.  

In closing, I congratulate all students of HIS for the hard work you’ve done; 5th grade for the positive bonds you have built as four elementary campuses came together.  We will help you continue to strengthen your acceptance of others and create lasting relationships as 6th graders.  We are fortunate to have fifth grade assume the leadership responsibility as sixth graders and at the other end of the school… fourth grade has toured HIS and are making ready their hearts and minds to become our newest 5th grade class.  Sixth grade is ready to move to Mance Park Middle School – we've done as much as we can do and it is time for them to explore all that MPMS has to offer them.

I wish you all a very restful, safe and enjoyable summer. Please be sure to find time as family to talk, read, play and pray together.  I look forward to seeing you all in August. To those of you who are leaving us for new places we wish you all the best and you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

August is filled with promise for students, parents and staff.

Tim Maresch

Principal, Huntsville Intermediate School

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