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5th Grade Art

5th grade artists will:

  • Identify light sources and discuss depiction of light and shadow.
  • Identify positive and negative space.
  • Discuss concepts of hue, value, and intensity in color.
  • Analyze how an artist achieved a textural effect.
  • Recognize genres and media.  Speak to the impact a work of art has on their emotions.
  • Recognize works of artists based on style.

Students will be working with a wide variety of mediums including paint, charcoal, clay, wire and many more.  My goal is for the students to develop an appreciation for our visual culture and to be fearless with their creativity.  Making mistakes is a part of art and should not be a thing to fear but to embrace.  Work with your oop’s and be ready to try new things!

All students artwork is eligible to be considered for any of the art shows listed below:

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Western Art Show (January 2017)

Walker County Fair & Rodeo Art Show (Fairgrounds, April 2017)

Spring Art Show (West Hill Mall, May 2017)


5th Grade Art

Room 301

Conference time: 1:40 - 2:45